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    We offer solid wood, handcrafted arm chairs, side chairs, and dining stools for your dining table. Browse our extensive selection to find the perfect piece for your home!

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    Dining Room Chairs

    Swivel Bar Stool with Back - Aspen
    Red Cedar Swivel Barstool With Back
    Swivel Barstool with Back - Rustic Pine
    Arm Chair - Aspen
    13 Inch Round Bar Stool - Aspen
    Side Chair - Aspen
    Side Chair - Rustic Pine
    Stump Side Chair - Aspen
    Abilene Swivel Bar Stool
    Adams Arm Chair
    Adams Side Chair
    Albany Arm Chair
    Albany Side Chair
    Alberta Arm Chair
    Alberta Bar Stool
    Alberta Side Chair
    Alberta Swivel Bar Stool
    Alexander Arm Chair
    Alexander Side Chair
    Arts & Crafts Arm Chair
    Arts & Crafts Bar Stool
    Arts & Crafts Side Chair
    Arts & Crafts Swivel Bar Stool
    Austin Arm Chair
    Austin Bar Stool
    Austin Side Chair
    Austin Swivel Bar Stool
    Barrington Arm Chair
    Barrington Side Chair
    Batavia Arm Chair
    Batavia Side Chair
    Batavia Swivel Bar Stool
    Bayridge Arm Chair
    Bayridge Bar Stool
    Bayridge Side Chair
    Baytown Arm Chair
    Baytown Bar Stool
    Baytown Side Chair
    Baytown Swivel Bar Stool
    Beaumont Arm Chair
    Beaumont Bar Stool
    Beaumont Side Chair
    Beaumont Swivel Bar Stool
    Benton Arm Chair
    Benton Bar Stool
    Benton Side Chair
    Benton Swivel Bar Stool
    Berkley Arm Chair
    Berkley Bar Stool
    Berkley Side Chair
    Berkley Swivel Bar Stool
    Berkshire Arm Chair
    Berkshire Side Chair
    Bostonian Arm Chair
    Bostonian Bar Stool
    Bostonian Swivel Bar Stool
    Bostonian Side Chair
    Boulder Creek Arm Chair
    Boulder Creek Bar Stool
    Boulder Creek Side Chair
    Boulder Creek Swivel Bar Stool
    Brady Arm Chair
    Brady Bar Stool
    Brady Side Chair
    Brady Swivel Bar Stool
    Bridgeport Arm Chair
    Bridgeport Bar Stool
    Bridgeport Side Chair
    Bridgeport Swivel Bar Stool
    Broadway Arm Chair
    Broadway Bar Stool
    Broadway Side Chair
    Broadway Swivel Bar Stool
    Brookville Arm Chair
    Brookville Bar Stool
    Brookville Side Chair
    Brookville Swivel Bar Stool
    Brunswick Arm Chair
    Brunswick Bar Stool
    Brunswick Side Chair
    Brunswick Swivel Bar Stool
    Cambria Arm Chair
    Cambria Side Chair
    Cambridge Arm Chair
    Cambridge Side Chair
    Canterbury Arm Chair
    Canterbury Bar Stool
    Canterbury Side Chair
    Canterbury Swivel Bar Stool
    Carson Arm Chair
    Carson Side Chair
    Cavalier Arm Chair
    Cavalier Side Chair
    Ceresco Arm Chair
    Ceresco Side Chair
    Concord Arm Chair
    Concord Bar Stool
    Concord Swivel Bar Stool
    Concord Side Chair
    Coronado Arm Chair
    Coronado Side Chair
    Delilah Arm Chair
    Delilah Bar Stool
    Delilah Side Chair
    Delilah Swivel Bar Stool
    Denver Arm Chair
    Denver Bar Stool
    Denver Side Chair
    Denver Swivel Bar Stool
    Ellis Arm Chair
    Ellis Side Chair
    Farm House Arm Chair
    Farm House Side Chair
    France Arm Chair
    France Side Chair
    Fremont Arm Chair
    Fremont Bar Stool
    Fremont Swivel Bar Stool
    Fremont Side Chair
    Galena Arm Chair
    Galena Bar Stool
    Galena Swivel Bar Stool
    Galena Side Chair
    Garrison Arm Chair
    Garrison Side Chair
    Garrison Bar Stool
    Gatlinburg Arm Chair
    Gatlinburg Side Chair
    Gurnee Arm Chair
    Gurnee Side Chair
    Hearth Side Arm Chair
    Hearth Side Side Chair
    Houston Arm Chair
    Houston Side Chair
    Imperial Arm Chair
    Imperial Bar Stool
    Imperial Side Chair
    Imperial Swivel Bar Stool
    Jackson Arm Chair
    Jackson Side Chair
    Jamestown Arm Chair
    Jamestown Side Chair
    Jansing Arm Chair
    Jansing Side Chair
    Kensington Arm Chair
    Kensington Bar Stool
    Kensington Side Chair
    Kensington Swivel Bar Stool
    Kenwood Arm Chair
    Kenwood Bar Stool
    Kenwood Swivel Bar Stool
    Kenwood Side Chair
    Kingsbury Arm Chair
    Kingsbury Side Chair
    Kingsbury Bar Stool
    Kingsbury Swivel Bar Stool
    Larson Arm Chair
    Larson Side Chair
    Lawson Arm Chair
    Lawson Side Chair
    Lawson Bar Stool
    Lexington Arm Chair
    Lexington Side Chair
    Liberty Arm Chair
    Liberty Bar Stool
    Liberty Side Chair
    Liberty Swivel Bar Stool
    Lincoln Arm Chair
    Lincoln Bar Stool
    Lincoln Side Chair
    Lincoln Swivel Bar Stool
    Lyndayle Arm Chair
    Lyndayle Side Chair
    Madison Arm Chair
    Madison Side Chair
    Madison Bar Stool
    Mankato Arm Chair
    Mankato Side Chair
    Mansfield Arm Chair
    Mansfield Bar Stool
    Mansfield Side Chair
    Mansfield Swivel Bar Stool
    Marbarry Arm Chair
    Marbarry Side Chair
    Marshall Arm Chair
    Marshall Side Chair
    Mccoy Arm Chair
    Mccoy Side Chair
    Mission Arm Chair
    Mission Side Chair
    Mission Bar Stool
    Mondovi Arm Chair
    Mondovi Side Chair
    Mondovi Bar Stool
    Naperville Arm Chair
    Naperville Side Chair
    Newbury Arm Chair
    Newbury Bar Stool
    Newbury Side Chair
    Nostalgia Arm Chair
    Nostalgia Side Chair
    Oakland Arm Chair
    Oakland Side Chair
    Olde Century Arm Chair
    Olde Century Bar Stool
    Olde Century Side Chair
    Olde Century Swivel Bar Stool
    Preston Arm Chair
    Preston Side Chair
    Preston Swivel Bar Stool
    Newbury Swivel Bar Stool
    Rainier Arm Chair
    Rainier Side Chair
    Reno Arm Chair
    Reno Side Chair
    Reno Bar Stool
    Reno Swivel Bar Stool
    Rock Island Arm Chair
    Rock Island Side Chair
    Sahara Arm Chair
    Sahara Side Chair
    Sahara Bar Stool
    Saratoga Arm Chair
    Saratoga Side Chair
    Sheridan Arm Chair
    Sheridan Side Chair
    Sheridan Bar Stool
    Sierra Arm Chair
    Sierra Bar Stool
    Sierra Side Chair
    Tampico Arm Chair
    Tampico Side Chair
    Timber Ridge Arm Chair
    Timber Ridge Bar Stool
    Timber Ridge Side Chair
    Timber Ridge Swivel Bar Stool
    Vancouver Arm Chair
    Vancouver Swivel Bar Stool
    Vancouver Bar Stool
    Vancouver Side Chair
    Vista Arm Chair
    Vista Side Chair
    Vista Bar Stool
    Vista Swivel Bar Stool
    Warren Arm Chair
    Warren Side Chair
    Waverly Arm Chair
    Waverly Side Chair
    Wellington Arm Chair
    Wellington Side Chair
    Westbrook Arm Chair
    Westbrook Side Chair
    Winfield Arm Chair
    Winfield Side Chair
    Woodland Arm Chair
    Woodland Side Chair
    Woodmont Arm Chair
    Woodmont Side Chair
    Woodstock Arm Chair
    Woodstock Side Chair
    Abilene Arm Chair
    Abilene Side Chair
    Royal Mission Arm Chair
    Royal Mission Stationary Bar Stool
    Royal Mission Jr. Stationary Bar Stool
    Royal Mission Side Chair
    Royal Mission Swivel Bar Stool
    SSaddle Stationary Bar Stool
    Saddle Swivel Bar Stool
    Salem Arm Chair
    Salem Side Chair
    Salem Stationary Bar Stool
    Salem Swivel Bar Stool
    Savannah Arm Chair
    Savannah Side Chair
    Savannah Swivel Bar Stool
    Scoop Stationary Bar Stool
    Scoop Swivel Bar Stool
    Shelby Stationary Bar Stool
    Shelby Swivel Bar Stool
    Shelby Arm Chair
    Shelby Side Chair
    Sheldon Arm Chair
    Sheldon Side Chair
    Sheldon Stationary Bar Stool
    Sheldon Swivel Bar Stool
    Sheridon Arm Chair
    Sheridon Side Chair
    Sherwood Arm Chair
    Sherwood Stationary Bar Stool
    Sherwood Side Chair
    Sherwood Swivel Bar Stool
    Silverton Side Chair
    Sullivan Stationary Bar Stool
    Sullivan Swivel Bar Stool
    Sullivan Arm Chair
    Sullivan Side Chair
    Adair Arm Chair
    Adair Stationary Bar Stool
    Adair Side Chair
    Adair Swivel Bar Stool
    Alana Arm Chair
    Alana Side Chair
    Alana Swivel Bar Stool
    Armanda Arm Chair
    Armanda Side Chair
    Armanda Stationary Bar Stool
    Swivel Bar Stool
    Aspen Arm Chair
    Aspen Stationary Bar Stool
    Aspen Side Chair
    Aspen Swivel Bar Stool
    Baldwin Arm Chair
    Baldwin Side Chair
    Baldwin Stationary Bar Stool
    Baldwin Swivel Bar Stool
    Bayhill Arm Chair
    Bayhill Side Chair
    Bayhill Stationary Bar Stool
    Bayhill Swivel Bar Stool
    Bennett Arm Chair
    Bennett Side Chair
    Bennett Stationary Bar Stool
    Bennett Swivel Bar Stool
    Benson Arm Chair
    Benson Stationary Bar Stool
    Benson Side Chair
    Benson Swivel Bar Stool
    Bent Paddle Stationary Bar Stool
    Bent Paddle Swivel Bar Stool
    Bent Paddle Arm Chair
    Bent Paddle Side Chair
    Bradshaw Arm Chair - No Tacks
    Bradshaw Arm Chair, Leather
    Brady Side Chair
    Brady Stationary Bar Stool
    Brady Swivel Bar Stool
    Brawley Arm Chair
    Brawley Stationary Bar Stool
    Brawley Side Chair
    Brawley Swivel Bar Stool
    Breckenridge Stationary Bar Stool
    Breckenridge Swivel Bar Stool
    Breckenridge Arm Chair
    Breckenridge Side Chair
    Bridgeport Stationary Bar Stool
    Bridgeport Side Chair
    Bridgeport Swivel Bar Stool
    Brookfield Arm Chair
    Brookfield Stationary Bar Stool
    Brookfield Side Chair
    Brookfield Swivel Bar Stool
    Callahan Arm Chair
    Callahan Side Chair
    Callahan Stationary Bar Stool
    Callahan Swivel Bar Stool
    Canaan Arm Chair
    Canaan Side Chair
    Canaan Stationary Bar Stool
    Canaan Swivel Bar Stool
    Cantaberry Side Chair
    Cantaberry Stationary Bar Stool
    Cantaberry Swivel Bar Stool
    Carlisle Arm Chair
    Carlisle Stationary Bar Stool
    Carlisle Side Chair
    Carlisle Swivel Bar Stool
    Cascade Arm Chair
    Cascade Stationary Bar Stool
    Cascade Side Chair
    Cascade Swivel Bar Stool
    Chelsea Arm Chair